Tuesday, August 3, 2010

WINNER UPDATE: Matt Cusson Signs with Spectra Records

It was announced last month that folk duo Madison Violet had won the 2009 Song of the Year award, the highest honor that the John Lennon Songwriting Contest offers. The JLSC staff looks forward to Madison Violet’s continued success in years to come, both on tour and in the recording studio.

Winning the Song of the Year is a huge milestone in an artist’s career. 2008 Song of the Year winner Matt Cusson would surely agree with this statement, as his musical endeavors have continued to flourish since last July, when he was surprised by his touring partner, Brian McKnight, the JLSC executive director, Brian Rothschild, and Maxell president, Masuru Kamemoto, with the $20,000 prize check.

In recent months when not on tour, Cusson took his talents to television where he performed as part of the house band on The Brian McKnight Show. Now he is back on the road – Cusson was selected to sing as part of the international “Man in the Mirror” tour, a Michael Jackson tribute currently in Europe. Performers on tour have hopes that “Man in the Mirror” will add dates in America and Asia in the future.

On Thursday, July 22, 2010, Cusson announced some of his most exciting news yet: Spectra Records has signed him to an international distribution deal for the song that earned him his JLSC prizes, “One of Those Nights.” This is a truly exciting adventure for Cusson, and with the great potential for success of his single on Spectra Records there is a possibility that he could release a full album through the label.

SOURCE: http://spectrajazz.blogspot.com/2010/07/spectra-jazz-signs-john-lennon.html