Monday, October 4, 2010

WINNER UPDATE: Lemon Sun performs "Same Old Ground"

JLSC Rock Grand Prize Winner's, Lemon Sun created the ultimate foot stomping, make you want to sing at the top of your lungs song when they wrote "Same Old Ground". We are not the only one to sing praises of Lemon Sun's genius. Check it out!

"The stomp and swagger is innately here, draped in flourishes both familiar and intangible. For each instance of soul drenched vocals there’s a jangly guitar riff or a circus-like vibe in the mix. For all the stomp the band delivers it probably wouldn’t sound right without the scratchy, throaty vocals of Rob Kolar who croons as good as he can let loose." BOOTLEG MAGAZINE

"With grinding guitars that circle the music with a punch to the gut and pinch to the cheeks, you can’t help but sing along." URB MAGAZINE (Cherri Moon)

"As hard-charging brilliant as anything I’ve heard in that venue in the last decade-plus." LA RECORD (Ron Garmon)

"There's a very simple thing going on here. Effortless charm...Lemon Sun are a versatile local pop outfit with a sound that employs all your fave 60's-jangle-harmony-beat conventions without the tired retro smarm. It's ridiculously pleasant, charismatic guitar-pop without pretense. Refreshing. Keep it simple, silly!" AMOEBA RECORDS (Joel Black)
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