Friday, April 1, 2011

JLSC Winner Nabs Second Juno Award for Sophomore Album

The biggest night in Canadian music took place this past weekend in Toronto, ON, and two-time Grand Prize Winner (Gospel Category), Greg Sczebel, was among the star-studded list of winners, including Neil Young, Arcade Fire and Justin Bieber. The soulful singer/songwriter, who was also the winner of the JLSC’s “Toby Gad Experience”, claimed the trophy for “Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year” - the same award he won in 2005 for his debut independent release, “Here to Stay”.

Still buzzing from his win, Sczebel notes that the nomination in this category came as a bit of a surprise to some of his fans. “I’ve had a few fans say they were surprised that my album was nominated in this category because it sounds nothing like a typical Gospel album. But the fans and industry in both the Gospel and mainstream Pop scene have been so supportive of this album, which I think is a testament to the power of music…it can cross borders of any kind if it resonates with listeners.”

Sczebel’s national recognition comes fresh off the heels of receiving 9 nominations in the British Columbia Interior Music Awards, including Pop Album of the Year, Single of the Year for his song “I’ve Got That Feelin” and R&B/Soul Album of the Year.

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