Thursday, August 15, 2013

John Lennon Education Tour Bus Stops at the Old Town School of Folk Music

You may already know that Jonas Friddle & The Majority won the 16th annual JLSC Song of the Year Award for their amazing song "Belle De Louisville" which you can check out here. What you may not know is that Jonas Friddle & The Majority are all faculty and alumni at Chicago, Illinois' prestigious Old Town School of Folk Music. Jonas Friddle teaches banjo, fiddle, guitar and mandolin at the Old Town School and inspires children to make original music rooted in traditional American folk music.

To celebrate Jonas Friddle & The Majority's work as songwriters and as teachers, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus will make a stop at the Old Town School of Folk Music on September 18th! The JLETB is committed to providing quality music education to children all around the world and is thrilled to have to chance to visit the Old Town School. While there, the Bus will hold tours and recording sessions with Old Town students and present Jonas Friddle with his prize of $20,000 in cash, an Avid prize pack, a Mackie Mixer, a pair of Mackie Studio Montiors, and a $1000 scholarship to Digital Music Academy!

Music is an integral part of the lives of the members of Jonas Friddle & The Majority, both in and out of work. Is the same true for you? Then head over to our website to learn how to enter a song into the JLSC for your chance at $20,000, and maybe even a visit from the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus!


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