Thursday, July 2, 2009

Matt Cusson to Perform with Brian McKnight!

Former JLSC Grand Prize Winner, Matt Cusson, is undoubtedly living his dream.

If you're in the Texas area, Cusson will be performing with the one and only Brian McKnight on July 8 and 9, at 8 PM. The following night, Cusson and McKnight will be jet setting to Oklahoma to perform one last show. The venues will be announced shortly. To check out more performances by Cusson, visit his official myspace page here.

It all started in 2007, when not only was Cusson asked to play keys and sing background for McKnight on his World Tour, but Cusson had the once in a lifetime honor to be featured in one of his shows. The fitting duo sang the classic, "Still In Love," with both of them each in front of a piano.

And before you know it, Cusson won the JLSC Grand Prize in the Jazz category the following year.

As he is currently embarking on a worldwide tour, passionately singing his songs alongside legendary stars like Brian McKnight, it is safe to say that Cusson is definitely a rising star in the making. 

Good on you, Matt!


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