Thursday, July 15, 2010

WINNER UPDATE: Sean VanDommelen Works with Documentary Filmmakers

In early 2009, Sean VanDommelen entered his electronic song, “Lonely Girl,” into Session I of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. He was later named a Grand Prize Winner for that category, and after competing in a fan-voted head-to-head faceoff against Session II Electronic Grand Prize Winner Junsu Kwon, VanDommelen earned the highly coveted Lennon Award, making him an eligible candidate for the Maxell Song of the Year.

When VanDommelen isn’t busy excelling in the JLSC, he resides in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. He formed the Sean VanDommelen Project in 2006 and continues to hone his songwriting skills through that outlet, but he has also worked with other bands in his area, enriching his local music community. VanDommelen currently plays as the lead guitarist in VIII Days Clean, a band from Tacoma, WA that has a large following throughout the West Coast. Additionally, VanDommelen has previously collaborated with alternative rock band Mona Lisa Shines, as well as hip-hop group All Kinz, with whom he released five EPs.

Recently, VanDommelen has directed his creativity toward important societal issues; he has been working with filmmakers to incorporate his music into a variety of documentaries that investigate topics such as social justice, the criminal justice system, and substance abuse.

Clearly VanDommelen’s musical talents are widespread, and it will be exciting to watch how he continues to grow as an artist in the coming years.


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