Thursday, July 29, 2010

WINNER UPDATE: The Swear to Be Featured on “The Jersey Shore”

Eight years ago, a rock musician by the name of Elizabeth Elkins was a Grand Prize Winner in the 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest for the song “Deception Bay.” Now, Elkins continues to pursue her musical dreams by performing with alternative rock group The Swear. Thus far, the group has released two albums – “Every Trick’s A Good One” (2005) and “Hotel Rooms and Heart Attacks” (2008) – and has been the subject of many positive reviews. Guitar Player Magazine captures the essence of their unique sound by naming the group “rock warriors with a total command of meaty riffs, feedback swells, dynamics, and churning, crunching chords.

The Swear has a long list of accomplishments, including endorsements from Gibson Musical Instruments, GHS Strings, Ampeg, Paiste Cymbals, Pearl Drums, and Vic Firth Drumsticks. Their music has already been featured on a variety of television networks, including Fox, ABC, the CW, the WB, FX, TNT, The Discovery Channel, CNN, and VH1. Tonight, they will add MTV to the list. Their song, “The Violence Rings,” will be part of the soundtrack on the highly anticipated season premiere of the hit television show, “The Jersey Shore.”

After tuning in to hear The Swear on MTV tonight, fans in the Atlanta, GA area should be sure to see the band live at one of their upcoming tour dates. See the list below for a venue near you.


7/31/10: North River Tavern (21+) (Atlanta, GA)
9/24/10: Lenny’s (21+) (Atlanta, GA)
10/23/10: Downtown Sounds at the Hard Rock Café (18+) (Atlanta, GA)
11/12/10: Vinyl (18+) (Atlanta, GA)


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  1. daymm! i didnt know deception day won! check out her old band alastor (3 albums)